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We are able to draw upon all the wealth management resources available within and deliver them as a part of one comprehensive strategy. Our belief in a planning-based approach means that all relationships begin with an assessment of the four critical components of wealth management: (1) tax liability (both income and estate), (2) cash flow needs, (3) risk management, and (4) asset management. The key goal is to form a cohesive team with their CPA, Trust, Estate or other attorneys to provide the best possible results without conflict or overlap.

Davies Wealth Management insists on a multi-step analytical process before investing. This includes an ETHICAL Needs Analysis, Investor Risk Tolerance determination, and developing a personalized Financial Plan. All investments are to be determined with current Asset Allocation and Sector Weighting. We utilize a four-step wealth management process: 1. Establish goals 2. Set strategy 3. Implement solutions 4. Review progress.

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